Welcome To Intellipaint!

We are a quality & performance driven company with offices in Salt Lake City, & serving the entire Wasatch Front since 1992. Our specialty is high quality – high end residential painting yet we’ve lent our personal touch to many commercial projects as well we offer conventional and specialty paint finishes on both interior & exterior jobs, as well as color consulting, and direction with customized color palettes. Our highly competent staff provides clients with efficient, well organized and properly executed paint work.

What separates us from other painting contractors?

We believe in a team philosophy based on integrity, pride in workmanship and a solid work ethic. Our hiring practices and training principles reflect this (as do the finished products!) Our painters are the type of people who simply want to do the best they can. We encourage this by ensuring that each crew has a lead person, a friendly work environment and all the supplies and technical support needed for success. They not only understand the procedures for affective painting, but also aim to understand each client’s objectives and specific needs.

Much of our work is referral based.

We hope that this is a reflection of our commitment to client satisfaction. We understand that the entire painting process can sometimes be a bit unsettling. In this regard we do our best to keep job sizes tidy, show up smiling, and as always, keep things moving at a comfortable yet steady pace, based on your objectives.


Intellipaint offers three methods of consulting. Our primary method of consultation is with the client on site. This method has largely been for clients located in Salt Lake City, or the surrounding Wasatch Front Region at times depending on the scope of the project, we do travel out of state for large consulting or contracting jobs that require an onsite presence.  We have done work in, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, & recently as far away as London, England.

Our other 2 – methods of consulting are through e-mail, and usps mail by which our clients make photos of their project available to us and we make the appropriate recommendations or changes. These two services are for color and design consultations for clients that are looking for professional, expert advice on their particular project needing architectural restoration, ornamental enhancements, and or decoration with color.

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